Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughts on leftovers-- and a terrific recipe for curry

First, there was the word: left-over.

Left-handed, left-footed, left-for-dead, left-at-the-alter, left behind.

Ooooheeeeh! With such associations, how could left-overs not inspire disgust?

Except, and here's a secret: some things—think wine, oak trees, two-year-olds in diapers and certain investments--improve with age. (And benefit from amortization).

Likewise with food. Many soups, stews, ragouts, my special lentils, and Lea's potato salad actually taste better on the second day. Then there's the cold pizza, lasagne or quiche that vast swathes of our population love in the morning. And cooled meats served with pickles, mustard, thick bread and a beer can't be beat. These delicacies fit more in the category of "doggie bags" from fine restaurants and should be thought of that way: easy, delicious and already paid for (cost: zero!)

Here's a favorite -- and highly flexible --recipe for a delicious curry using leftover cooked meat.

In a little oil, fry two onions and two garlic cloves; add meat cut in cubes (cooked chicken, turkey, pork, beef ); mix and sprinkle on 1 TBS curry; 1 TBS turmeric); 1 TBS flour, stir well, add coconut milk OR a little liquid cream; salt pepper; cover on lowest heat for 15 minutes. Serve with steamed rice.

Now, this recipe can be adapted. I made it with pork, but you can use leftover beef from a stew, chicken or turkey if you like. Substitute Patak's curry paste for dry spices and (I love this) add frozen peas -- Anne Marie

ps: The pretty orange pieces are cantalope, which were selling for 50 cents a piece and juicy as can be. It made a simple and healthy desert!


  1. You don't actually eat the cantalope with the rice do you?

  2. No! But it makes a pretty photo and a nice desert.:)

    Here's a link to some more leftover recipes from