Sunday, June 13, 2010

Save money and eat better

Waste not, want not.
That's good advice!

Open your fridge. Does it look like the closet where you hide the body?
Too many "economy" megajars and unidentifiables growing green fuzz? Is there anything in there that you meant to eat but never got around to and now looks like it might eat you?

This, my friend, is not only gross but expensive !

Wasted food is literally money down the garbage disposal. A study at the University of Arizona concluded that we throw out 600 dollars worth of food each year. The rotting hamburger, the shriveled vegetables, the forgotten easy-reheat dinner. The left-left-left overs. But mostly, veggies. (We mean well but then "forget" to eat them.)

Now ask yourself three questions:

1. What in the world is this stuff?
2. Why is there so much of it?
3. How much does the bad stuff cost?

If you're like most Americans you are throwing out a goodly portion of the food you buy. That's money, folk!

The answer is not to say: well, that's the problem with fresh food! From now on only canned or frozen for me! No!

The answer is to buy less! And only what you need.

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