Monday, June 7, 2010

Ten dollars for a great family meal? For four people? With fresh vegetables?

Why, that's less than the cost of 1/2 Happy Meal per person! Or seven cigarettes each! A couple of gallons of gas or about a two mile drive in a Hummer. Or, my personal favorite, one hundred millionth of the 2007 bonus of an AIG executive who drove his company to bankruptcy.
Ten dollars? But how? If only there were some easy commandments to follow...

The Seven and a Half Commandments

Thou shalt ignore food fads, food advertising, new food medical findings, and any hint of food political correctness like the spawn of hell !

Two: Thou shalt invest a few bucks to stock your kitchen with basic spices and one amazing device that will change your life forever: the French soup blender (otherwise known as the propeller on a stick).

Three: Thou shalt drink tap water. (unless it's really unsafe in your area)

Four: Thou shalt not keep up with the Joneses or otherwise compete, show off with, or define who you are with food.

Five: Thou shalt honor thy vegetables; including the ones you always hated until now on account of they were overcooked to disgusting, evil smelling mush in your childhood.

Six: Thou shalt not waste. (Seriously. You'll save a lot of money.)

Seven: Thou shalt learn to plan ahead. (ditto!)

Seven and a... Oh, heck, just buy what's fresh and cheap!


  1. Thank you for your "Commandments". The tips are fun and make sense.

    I try to prepare nice meals,but it's hard to cook dinners that are both healthy and inexpensive. I hope your recipes will do that.

    When do we get to see your recipes? Soon, I hope?

  2. Hi Jolene,

    We'll start publishing inexpensive healthy recipes next week.

    In the meantime, here are a couple sites which show meals for under ten dollars. Let me know what you think!


    I found some recipes from

    and Mom's Meal Connection

  3. I gotta work on the waste part. I keep buying fresh veggies with all the right intentions, then they go bad because I either forget them or "don't have time to deal with them". Which reminds me, there's an eggplant in there I've got to get to if its not too late.

  4. How about "thou shalt not eat in front of the TV!"