Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thou shalt honor thy mother and thy father

In other words, don't let the TV-commercial drunk kids do your shopping for you. 

Of course they insist on buying radiated sugar crunchies—it has their favorite action figure on the box
Your job, as parent, is to be hated and despised for doing the right thing. Just kidding. This said, we're not in the 19th century either so compromise and negotiation are inevitable (ok for radiaactive sugar cruchies for dessert!).

 But remember: who's in control? You're in control!!

Going up against the entire TV junk food diabetes-ADD-and-cancer-inducing-crap-for-kids industry is not easy of course, (and even harder for divorced parents who are competing for affections), and we're not saying steamed broccoli should replace birthday cake, but if you weed out the most dangerous "so-called-food" items, you'll be reducing your child's chances of developing type two diabetes and sugar and additive induced hyperactivity as well as reducing costs.

 That's worth a few "But Jimmy's mom let him eat sugared shit" isn't it?

(photo of Cheetos covered with melted cheese from a school cafeteria, posted on Slow Food USA.)

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